Granola Addict is a company that sells healthy snacks with the aim of changing unhealthy snacking habit. Our products are high in quality and do not contain any preservatives. We took various healthy snacks, and gave them delicious flavors. It’s a new way to change your lifestyle, because being healthy should be fun!

Granola Addict provide healthy and tasty snacks that help you to live a healthy life. The quality of products that are produced are high quality, without preservative, organic and it is guaranteed that our products are full of nutrients and minerals that your body needs. Besides that, our price are very affordable for people to buy. Thus, it is suitable for all people with all ages.

Founder’s Journey

Steven then saw an opportunity which allows him to start a company that can fulfill the health needs of people in Jakarta.

It all started when Steven had his internship in Bali. He lived with his roommate who likes to consume granola, grains and other healthy products. When we got back to Jakarta, he felt the significant difference of the lifestyle where most people in Jakarta are not aware with their healthy lifestyle, they tend to consume unhealthy food as they don’t have time to be aware of what they’re consuming.